Womenza Pakistan's "Night Bazar" at Habitt City Karachi: A Vibrant Community Event

Womenza Pakistan's "Night Bazar" at Habitt City Karachi: A Vibrant Community Event


On June 24th, 2023, Womenza Pakistan hosted an enchanting evening market event, aptly named the "Night Bazar," at Habitt City Karachi. The organization, led by the visionary Aiman Sami Khan & Bushra Izhar, is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with mentorship and guidance to kickstart or grow their businesses. Habitt City, known for its magical ambiance, served as the perfect venue for this bustling community event, where people came together to celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship, and the vibrant spirit of Karachi.


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A Celebration of Creativity and Community:

From the moment visitors stepped inside Habitt City, they were greeted with a sense of wonder and awe. The Night Bazar exuded a lively atmosphere, with colorful displays of goods, enticing smells of various cuisines, and the chatter of excited attendees. It was an event where creativity met commerce, and the fusion was nothing short of spectacular.

A Diverse Array of Offerings:

The Night Bazar catered to diverse tastes and interests, boasting an impressive array of products and services. Local artisans and women entrepreneurs showcased their talent and craftsmanship through stalls selling handmade jewelry, beautiful pottery, unique art pieces, and traditional and modern clothing. Notably, Kvtc, a stall for children with Down syndrome, and Rlcc, a women's handicraft vendor, shone as beacons of inclusivity and empowerment.

Food Fun at the Night Market

Food enthusiasts were in for a treat as they wandered through the bazaar. From fresh fruits to spicy street food, homemade baked goods to savory snacks, the culinary offerings delighted every palate. The delectable spread provided a tantalizing experience for food lovers, who found it hard to resist sampling the various delicacies available.

Empowering the Community:

Womenza Pakistan's Night Bazar was not just about commerce; it was a platform to empower the community. With the support of esteemed partners like US, Mission Pakistan, U.S Pakistan Alumni Network, Next Level Promotion, Biz Today, Brand Roof, Arzoo, Faber Castell, UHU, FM 91, Nikon, Al Nameen, Salted, and others, the event garnered a greater impact.

Notable Guests:

The event welcomed esteemed personalities, including Chief Guest Mushtaq Sarki, President of PUAN Karachi at President Pakistan-U.S Alumni Network Karachi Chapter, and journalist/social activist Abdul Haseeb Khan. Also present were Muhammad Rehan Hashmi, Ex-Member of the National Assembly/Ex-Chairman DMC(C), and Dr. Yogi Wajahat, adding more colors to an already vibrant event.



Fostering a Sense of Belonging:

The Night Bazar successfully fostered a sense of belonging and community spirit. People from all walks of life came together, engaged in conversations, shared stories, and supported local businesses. It was a celebration of diversity and unity, showcasing the true essence of Karachi.


Womenza Pakistan's "Night Bazar" at Habitt City Karachi was more than just a marketplace; it was a celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship, and community. The event provided a platform for women entrepreneurs to shine while creating a memorable experience for all attendees. As the sun set on this vibrant evening, the essence of togetherness and empowerment lingered, leaving an enduring impact on the hearts of everyone present. The Night Bazar will undoubtedly remain etched in the memory of Karachi's residents, inspiring future generations to celebrate their unique talents and come together as a close-knit community.



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