Meet Womenza Pakistan Youngest Entrepreneur- Mehreen Ahsan

Meet Womenza Pakistan Youngest Entrepreneur- Mehreen Ahsan

My Mini Stitch by Mehreen Ahsan

At only 14 years old, Mehreen Ahsan has already achieved something many of us can only dream of: she has built a successful business called My Mini Stitch. Despite the obstacles thrown in her way by the global pandemic, she has developed a line of hand-stitched doll dresses that have earned her acclaim and admiration. In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Mehreen’s story is one of resilience, creativity and courage – qualities we can all aspire to. Follow us as we explore how this incredible young woman overcame the odds to create an inspiring business.

Early Struggles and Challenges

When Mehreen Ahsan was just eight years old, she had a dream to create the kind of doll dresses she couldn’t find in stores. She started by using leftover paper and old T-shirts, gluing them together to make her own unique designs. Her mother did not allow her to use a sewing needle for safety reasons, but still supported her creative vision.


Mehreen was undeterred and determined to learn the craft of stitching on her own. She spent long hours teaching herself the art of hand-stitching with patience and trial and error. On top of that, she faced difficulty finding materials for her design ideas due to limited access to resources caused by the pandemic. However, she pushed through these struggles and created something beautiful out of it – My Mini Stitch.

Her hard work paid off when one of their guests at home admired Mehreen’s designs and asked her to prepare a few dresses for her granddaughter. This was the start of ‘My Mini Stitch’ – a business venture that earned admiration from young girls across the world who wanted to dress up their dolls with handmade garments made by Mehreen herself.

Not only did this embolden Mehreen's entrepreneurial spirit, but it also gave her an opportunity to give back to people in need during this difficult time. As news spread about this inspiring young woman's story, more people learned about My Mini Stitch and contributed towards helping those in need through donations from every purchased item from My Mini Stitch line.

Today, at 14 years old, Mehreen is running a successful business that she built on her own - all despite early struggles and challenges along the way!

Research, Practice and Perfection

Starting a business from scratch is never easy, especially for a 14 year-old. For Mehreen Ahsan, creating her own line of hand-stitched doll dresses was no exception. Despite the global pandemic and her mother's initial concerns about safety, Mehreen was determined to learn the craft of hand-stitching all on her own. She dedicated hours each day to researching techniques, materials and design concepts online, as well as visiting local fabric stores for advice.


Mehreen also spent countless hours practicing with fabric scraps and old T-shirts that she had collected over time. Through dedication and perseverance, she managed to hone her skills and perfect her designs. With each new dress that she made, Mehreen continued to refine her understanding of stitching techniques and fabrics until she achieved the outcome that she wanted – beautiful handmade dresses for dolls.

This journey of research, practice and perfection was one that required resilience in order for Mehreen to succeed in creating a unique line of doll dresses that were both fashionable and functional. By doing so, she has become an example of courage and creativity for young people everywhere who may be facing similar difficulties or challenges in life.

My Mini Stitch Takes Off!

Mehreen Ahsan's ambition and creativity have been the driving forces behind the success of My Mini Stitch. Ever since her mother helped her to promote her unique line of hand-stitched doll dresses, she has received an abundance of support from young girls wanting to dress up their dolls.


Womenza Pakistan promoting women entrepreneurs  

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed; she was soon invited to interviews on news channels and podcasts, featured in articles, and even called upon for craft shows. People were moved by such an ambitious 14 year old developing a business from scratch while also giving back to the community. She continues to serve as a role model for responsible business practices with her commitment to using leftover fabric for dresses and old newspapers for handmade bags which makes My Mini Stitch environmentally friendly.

At such a young age, Mehreen is running a successful venture that she built herself - something unimaginable when she first started making easy paper clothes with glue at 8! Aspiring to set up an institute in Pakistan where children can learn skills like stitching and design, Mehreen is also learning French in preparation for studying fashion design in France one day. This inspiring entrepreneur has a promising future ahead!

Celebrating Achievements

Mehreen Ahsan's success story is an inspiring one that deserves to be celebrated. In just a few years, she has achieved incredible feats and gained admiration for her craft and business acumen. From being invited to talk about her work on news channels and podcasts, to being featured in various articles and invited to a crafts show, Mehreen has been able to make an impact on her community despite the challenges of a global pandemic.


Her efforts have also earned her love from young girls who want to dress up their dolls with the unique line of hand-stitched doll dresses created by My Mini Stitch. Not only did Mehreen learn this skill on her own, but she also makes sure that her business remains environmentally friendly by using leftover fabric for dresses and old newspapers for handmade bags.

It is remarkable how far she has come in such a short time, as well as how much she has accomplished despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic. Her success stands as a testament to resilience, courage and creativity in young people everywhere. She is an example of what can be done when you pursue your dreams with determination - no matter what life throws at you!

Giving Back to the Community

Mehreen Ahsan has a goal of giving back to her community. By setting up an institute in Pakistan, she hopes to provide children from all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn sewing and design skills that she herself developed over time. Beyond teaching technical skills, this institute will foster creativity and collaboration among students. It will also serve as a platform for students to build businesses of their own and explore career opportunities in the fashion industry.


In order to make sure that the institute is successful, Mehreen hopes to create a strong network of mentors and volunteers who can provide support and guidance to the students. Having access to experienced professionals in the fashion industry would allow children at the institute to gain valuable insights into their passions and ambitions.

Ultimately, Mehreen’s initiative aims to empower young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to follow their dreams and make a difference in their communities. By providing children with resources they need, she hopes that her efforts will help them build confidence, develop new skillsets, gain real-world experience, and be successful in whatever field they choose

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