Honey From Hunza : The Authentic Taste Of Pakistan By Nausheen Barkat

Honey From Hunza : The Authentic Taste Of Pakistan By Nausheen Barkat

Asqurr is a young female-led business with a focus on empowering women and sustainable bee farming. The company was founded by Nausheen Barkat, who is a Masters in Plant Science (Botany). Barkat always had an interest in nature, and when she came across an opportunity to start her own business in the honey industry, she saw it as a way to help other women.

"I wanted to make a platform for women beekeepers to learn and showcase their work on a national level. Utilising natural resources for uplifting women’s financial status was her other goal. Asqurr actually empowers and promotes women in unconventional businesses i.e. honey beekeeping. The training we execute for modern beekeeping helps women to be financially independent and also to learn new skills," says Nausheen Barkat. The company has partnered with the government of Gilgit Baltistan to help promote beekeeping in the region. This partnership has allowed Asqurr to provide training and support to women beekeepers, as well as to buy honey at a fair price. The company is also working on a project to help set up beehives in the village of Nagar, which is home to a large number of women beekeepers.

Asqurr's work is important not just for the women they are empowering, but also for the environment. Beekeeping is a sustainable way to produce honey, and it also has a positive impact on the ecosystem. Barkat is passionate about her work, and she is hopeful that Asqurr will continue to grow and make a positive impact on the lives of women.

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