Empowering Artisans: The Inspirational Journey of Nooran Handicrafts

Empowering Artisans: The Inspirational Journey of Nooran Handicrafts

In the bustling market of creativity and craftsmanship, one stall stands out with a vibrant display of rilli, dupattas, and intricately embroidered pieces - Stall #01, Noran Handicrafts. 

Behind this unique venture are two resilient women, Rukhsana and Aaliya, hailing from Rorhi. Their story is not just about handicrafts; it's a tale of empowerment, determination, and the impact of collaboration.


Rukhsana and Aaliya, both skilled artisans, have been creating beautiful handmade pieces for over a decade. What sets them apart is their collaboration with women from villages, forming a formidable team dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional crafts. 

With a background deeply rooted in the community, they decided to take their skills to a larger audience.

Their journey took a significant turn when they joined forces with UN Women in 2010. This collaboration not only expanded their reach but also provided them with a platform to showcase their talent at national exhibitions in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. 

The duo's dedication and passion for their craft caught the attention of many, including online buyers.


Taking a leap into the digital world, Rukhsana and Aaliya started selling their creations online. This move not only allowed them to connect with a broader customer base but also showcased the timeless beauty of their handmade products. From embroidered clothes to charming pouches, each piece carries the essence of their craftsmanship.


Aaliya, in addition to her work, managed to continue her studies, showcasing the true spirit of multitasking and determination. Her story sends a powerful message that women can pursue education and career simultaneously, breaking stereotypes one stitch at a time. 


Rukhsana and Aaliya aim to inspire other women, conveying, 


"Jaise hum hain wese wo auratein bhi hain. [Main chahti hoon] wo bhi humare jaise ban jaen or kaam karen. Himmat nahi haarni" [Just like us, these women are also capable. I want them to become like us and work. Don't lose courage]


The support system behind Nooran Handicrafts is as strong as the stitches in their creations. Rukhsana and Aaliya's brother and uncle play pivotal roles in supporting and encouraging their endeavors. This family bond adds a heartwarming touch to their entrepreneurial journey.


Shahid, the marketing guy, plays a crucial role in managing logistics for Nooran Handicrafts. His expertise ensures that these beautiful creations reach customers far and wide, amplifying the impact of their work.

The collaboration with Shahid has indeed added a layer of professionalism and efficiency to their business, proving that teamwork can elevate any venture.


The impact of Nooran Handicrafts goes beyond the stitches and patterns; it resonates with the spirit of empowerment. Their story is a testament to the fact that determination, collaboration, and a touch of modernity can transform traditional crafts into a thriving business. 


As we admire the vibrant display at Stall #01, let's not just see handicrafts but the stories and aspirations woven into every piece by Rukhsana and Aaliya - two women who have not only crafted beautiful pieces but also crafted a path for others to follow.

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Article By Fizza Rabbani

Picture Credits by Waqas Rabbani YouTube channel @JustAPakistaniGamer 

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