HABIBMETRO and ACE Money Transfer Join Hands to Facilitate Overseas Pakistanis

HABIBMETRO and ACE Money Transfer Join Hands to Facilitate Overseas Pakistanis

HABIBMETRO signed a partnership agreement with ACE Money Transfer on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, to facilitate safe and legal remittance services for overseas Pakistanis, especially in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The partnership aims to contribute to the country’s economy by offering reliable and convenient means for sending remittances to Pakistanis residing abroad.


On behalf of HABIBMETRO, Mr. Khurram Shahzad Khan - President & CEO, Mr. Syed Ather Ahmed - Head Commercial (South) & Fl, Mr. Syed Intikhab Hussain Rizvi - Country Treasurer, Mr. Muhammad Raza Dyer - Head Operations, Mr. Mohammad Mujtaba Askari - Head Global Remittances, Mr. Syed Wajeeh ul Husnain - Unit Head Global Remittances and Mr. Tauseef Rafique - Unit Head Global Remittances attended the signing ceremony.


Mr. Aftab Ashraf Gondal - Chairman ACE Group of Companies, and Senior Management of ACE Money Transfer represented the company at the agreement signing ceremony.


HABIBMETRO is a subsidiary of Habib Bank AG Zurich, which operates in 11 countries across four continents. As a trusted banking institution in Pakistan, HABIBMETRO is serving millions of customers through a nationwide network of over 500 branches in more than 200 cities. HABIBMETRO is committed to advancing digitalization within the banking landscape of Pakistan. The Bank is dedicated to continuous innovation to enhance the applicability and experience of its services.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Khurram Shahzad Khan, President & CEO of HABIBMETRO said, “At HABIBMETRO, we are passionate about delivering secure and efficient financial services that cater to the financial needs of our customers. HABIBMETRO's partnership with ACE Money Transfer is in alignment with our commitment to providing overseas customers with a more streamlined and regulatory-compliant remittance process."


Sharing his insights about the joint venture, Aftab Ashraf Gondal expressed, "Facing pressing economic woes, Pakistan must curb black market remittances and promote regulated channels. At ACE Money Transfer, we have a track record of over two decades of channelling legal remittances through regulated routes. Our partnership with HABIBMETRO Bank anticipates a significant boost to Pakistan's remittance inflows."


ACE Money Transfer (registered name "Aftab Currency Exchange Limited"), based out of the United Kingdom, with Global offices in Europe, Australia, and Canada, is a Fintech providing remittance services. It offers impeccable online money transfer services to millions of expatriates with an extensive network of 375,000+ locations spread across 100+ countries worldwide.

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